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Ongoing Construction Projects 


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City Park Construction Updates

Sept. 13, 2019

City Park Update - Sept. 13, 2019 - 1

The new amphitheater went vertical this week! Shapes, textures, and shadows lit by the setting Texas sun provides a beautiful and warm backdrop to the many events that the future holds in store for the community!

City Park Update - Sept. 13, 2019

Not to worry, these aren’t giant anthills or mole mounds....the City Park grounds are receiving an injection of nutrients with rich compost to mix into the topsoil in preparation for the planting of grass, trees, and shrubs! In conjunction with the City’s other bond projects and supporting contractors, we’ve cut costs by harvesting over 20,000 cubic yards of fill to raise the park grounds over six feet from the pre-existing conditions! That’s the equivalent to filling four football fields three feet deep! This was done to mitigate future flooding hazards of the park space!

City PArk - 3

The setting sun casts a glow of future promise and light over the City Park and an anticipated completion of the end of March 2020!

Sept. 12, 2019

Our construction crew at City Park was busy today placing the concrete walls for the amphitheater restrooms.


July 30, 2019 Update

The concrete pouring for the City Park Amphitheater started Monday. Work also continues on the circular 10-foot sidewalk that will surround the lawn area of the amphitheater. Substantial completion of the park is expected in April 2020.



July 17, 2019 Update

Buda City Park Construction Update Video - July 17, 2019

The construction crew is hard at work at Buda City Park.    

“I think it’s an exciting project," said Mari Rodriguez Barr, Owner and President of The Barr Company.    

In December of 2018, City Council awarded the contract for the City Park improvement project to The Barr Company.

Then in March, the contractor demolished the old restrooms and took down the playground equipment, some of which will be repurposed.  

A notice to proceed with construction was issued on April 29.

 “We started with the infrastructure of course, which means the site utilities and all of the underground electrical. So, we’re building the ground back up.”

In June of 2018, the Public Works Department began grading approximately 43 acres ahead of the amphitheater construction, saving the City $658,000. Currently, the construction crew is working on the amphitheater and the circular 10-foot sidewalk that will surround the lawn area.  

 “Our landscaping subcontractor is already on board. They are going to be working on the area that is already completed, which is the large circle with the lighting and the big sidewalk.  That scope of work is so large that he needs to be able to start right now."

Other improvements include a splash-pad and two playground areas.

“What you will see first is a large round area for the splash pad being poured. Then there is very large wall with stones on it that will get built. That gets integrated with the water feature. It’s actually going to be a very natural scene.”

 There is also a games area, including a volleyball court.   

“There is a lawn area. There is a nice grilling area. It will have the grills inset and there will be granite surfaces.”  

 And there is no shortage of trees in the new and improved City Park.  

 “There are hundreds of trees, there are all different kinds of trees. One of the things that is a little bit different about this park, is that they have asked for the larger specimens. It’s going to start out looking more finished than other parks would be. A lot of times what people do is allow things to grow in place. It will look more like the second or third year versus the first year when this gets done.”

Substantial completion of City Park is scheduled for April of 2020.  

“The park is actually very well put together. And it has a lot of fun and different elements depending on what interest people might have.”

To keep track of the latest City Park updates follow us on our social media channels on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. You can also check the City's website at     

Road Projects

Main Street Improvement Project
(Between Cabela's Drive and Railroad Street)

September 11, 2019

The new traffic signal at Loop/Sequoyah and Main St. is going up. This is all part of the Main Street Improvements between Cabela's Drive and Railroad St. Please expect delays at Loop and Main as crews install the traffic lights. They are expected to be in operation within the next couple of weeks. #BudaTX


July 24, 2019 - Update

Main Street Improvement Project (Between Cabela's Drive and Railroad Street) VIDEO

Main Street 2Construction on Main, between Cabela’s Drive and Railroad Street, is gearing up. The improvement project is part of a bond passed in November 2014 aimed at improving streets, parks, drainage, and facilities.  

"Contractors are already on the ground starting to lay down their equipment. We ask for the neighbors patience and the businesses patience on getting this done," said Kenny Crawford, Project Manager for the City of Buda. "The community voted to have it happen and now we’re able to get it done.”

The project will be done in three phases, starting with the south lanes of Main. This includes a light at the intersection of Main and Sequoyah. Sequoyah going northbound to Main Street will be closed for 3 to 4 weeks. However, Sequoyah will remain open to southbound drivers, meaning motorists will be able to turn on to Sequoyah from Main. This is the only road closure associated with the project. Phase 1 is expected to be wrapped up by the end of December.       

During construction, Main Street will be reduced to two lanes for two-way traffic and will remain open throughout the duration of the project.  

“Businesses, the neighbors, and people who have access to right of way and to the main road will have access to it. They will not be impeded.” 

For example, residents living in Bradfield Village will have access to Main during construction.  

The second phase of the project will focus on the north lanes of Main. It is anticipated to start in January of 2020 and is expected to be done by late April of 2020. This includes the widening of the Bradfield Drive and Main Street intersection to include left and right turn lanes. 

“There will light adjustments at Bradfield Road. The community there at some point will have to cross a construction lane. But they will stay have access to the road, as well as the access they have on the other side of the neighborhood.”

Other improvements included the extension of the sidewalk along Main Street and improved accessibility to Bradfield Park.

Meanwhile, the section of Main Street that is lined with Oak trees will not be widened. 

“The community identifies with these beautiful oaks. We’re not going to damage those. So the design is specifically avoiding damaging these root systems throughout Main Street here. The width of that section will not change, but it will improve for the safety of the drivers as well as people that are walking down the sidewalk.”

The third phase of the project focuses on the middle lanes of Main. It is slated to begin in April and should be done by early May of 2020. The entire project expected to be finished by June 21, 2020.   

 “I’m excited about this project. I’m excited for the community of Buda. I think it is going to be something where we will be able to make an impact for a very long time as we continue to grow and improve the City.”               

Project Overview

On Monday, July 22, 2019, a notice to proceed with construction will be issued for the Main Street Improvement Project between Cabela’s Drive and Railroad Street. The project is being done in three phases, with the first phase beginning on the south lanes of Main Street near Railroad Street. This includes the installation of a traffic light at E. Loop St./Sequoyah near the Municipal Complex. Sequoyah Street will be impacted during the first phase of construction. Drivers will be allowed to turn onto Sequoyah from Main Street, but Sequoyah going northbound to Main will be closed for 3 to 4 weeks. Therefore, citizens will not be able to turn onto Main from Sequoyah. The Sequoyah Street closure will happen in the coming weeks and the City will post information in advance of the closure. Phase 2 of the project concentrates on the north lanes of Main Street (between Railroad Street and Cabela’s Drive) and Phase 3 (Railroad Road and Cabela’s Drive) focuses on the middle lanes.  

The general scope of the project includes:

 · Widening of the Bradfield Drive/Main Street Intersection and extension of the 5 lane section to the west of  Santa Cruz Catholic church

· Signal Modification at Bradfield Drive and Main Street to accommodate additional lanes

· Bradfield Park cross culvert extension/modification

· Extension of sidewalk along Main Street and improved accessibility to Bradfield Park

· Select areas for pavement base repair

· Pavement overlay and restriping 


Where to find news and construction updates for the City of Buda:

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Main Street and Old San Antonio Road Construction/Traffic Control

UPDATE - July 24, 2019 - All traffic on Old San Antonio Rd. will be northbound only for the duration of the Buda Elementary School construction project, which is currently expected to finish in mid-September. Motorists at the Old San Antonio/Walgreens exit can no longer turn right onto Old San Antonio toward Main St.Traffic will still be allowed to enter Walgreens from the Old San Antonio Road driveway, but will not be allowed to exit right towards Main Street. The sidewalk at the SW corner of Main Street and Old San Antonio Road will be closed starting on Friday (7/26/2019), depending on weather. That area of construction should last no longer than 2 weeks. If you have any questions, please contact Jennifer Scott, assistant to County Commissioner Mark Jones, at 512-262-2091.

Please be aware of the traffic signage, road flagmen, contractor equipment, and law enforcement present to aid in the flow and control of vehicles and pedestrians. The purpose of the project is to install in-ground utilities and infrastructure for the new Buda Elementary School on Old San Antonio Road.

Old Goforth Road Improvement Project

Sept. 13, 2019 Update

Old Goforth Construction Update: Old Goforth Road’s transition to being a “New” Goforth Road continues to take shape! Over the past week the work crews of the City’s contractor, Smith Construction, completed the nearly 4,000 square foot retaining wall, finished covering the full length the road’s east side with erosion control blanket, and 2,000 linear feet of curbing, gutter, and sidewalks along the west side. We thank the community for their observation of the signage and awareness of the work crews bringing this project closer to reality and completion. Currently, we anticipate the full road to open at the end of October...almost two months ahead of schedule.

Old Goforth - Sept. 13, 2019

Old Goforth 2 - Sept. 13, 2019

Old Goforth 3 - Sept. 13, 2019

August 7 Update


We’re nearing the end of Old Goforth Road improvement project! Initial paving will occur this Friday and Saturday (August 9-10, 2019) to permit one-way only traffic from North to South (from the intersection of FM 2001 and CR 119 south to the intersection of CR 119 and CR 133). No cross traffic from side streets will be permitted. Flagmen will be used when needed. The GREAT NEWS is that the project will likely complete ahead of the contracted finish date (October 22, 2019)! Please observe traffic control signage and be aware of the Smith Construction contractors on the ground and operating equipment to ensure their safety! As we continue to “Meet the Needs of the Citizens,” we will strive for excellence in every way!

Old Goforth Pics

August 1, 2019 Update

The full right-of-way looking south from Stone Crest Boulevard. Curbs, gutters, inlets, and sidewalks are complete on the east side where the first course of pavement will go to permit one-way traffic. The east side is projected to open for one way traffic before August 15th! The projected completion of the project is mid-October!

3,350 square feet of engineered concrete block wall is being installed along the east side as a retaining wall. The retaining wall will have a level look the entire length - achieved by stepping up the footers at the appropriate locations to minimize cost and provide a long-term solution to meet the needs of our citizens!

The construction masonry crew began hand laying every block only five days ago....each block weighs approximately 60 lbs!

Old Goforth Road earthwork and retaining wall continues to near completion in preparation for paving to begin! Temporary paved one-way traffic will open in time for the start of school on August 15th!

Old Goforth Road Project
Old Goforth Project Update - July 26, 2019 

Old Goforth Retaining Wall
Old Goforth Retaining Wall Update - July 26, 2019

Due to Old Goforth Road construction, the intersection of Green Meadows Lane and Old Goforth will be closed starting June 13 to permit the reconstruction of the intersection. The intersection at Tom Green School Road/Calomel Trail and Old Goforth will also be closed at this time. This is being done to allow the contractor to complete as much work as possible during the summer break to minimize disruptions at the beginning of school.  The construction will last approximately through August.  

Meanwhile, both lanes of Old Goforth Road remain closed between FM 2001 and Tom Green School Road. The southbound lane of Old Goforth is open between Tom Green School Road and Hillside Terrace. Northbound Old Goforth is closed between FM 2001 and Hillside Terrace. The closures will last through approximately August. The contractor is anticipating to having one side completely open by the time school starts in August, but the overall project will not be finished until October. The road improvement project is part of the bond package passed in 2014.

Detour Information 

The general scope of work for this project includes:

· Dedicated left and right turn lanes at Tom Green Elementary

· Intersection safety improvements at FM 2001

· Increase pedestrian connectivity between subdivisions and school

· Aesthetic enhancements

Main Street at RM 967 Improvements

July 30, 2019 Update

The FM 967 and Main Street intersection improvement project is underway! The power and communications lines were run underground opening the opportunity to remove the overhead lines from the skyline! Its only a start, but we’re already noticing a visible sign of change! Construction on the intersection is expected to start later in the year.

Fm 967 and Main Street 2

The general scope of work for this project includes:

· Create turning lanes and through lanes to address traffic flow

· Reconfiguration of sidewalks, signing and striping for enhanced pedestrian safety

· Maintain existing diagonal parking

· Relocation of traffic signal poles

TxDOT project kickoff meeting was held on March 13, 2019

Project design is 100% complete. Conversion to TxDOT specifications complete.

Revised plans submitted to TxDOT for review on 5/5/19

Schedule for letting in early August 2019

TxDOT reviews/approvals ongoing

Anticipated to begin in Fall 2019

Expected completion late Spring 2020

West Goforth to Cabela's Drive Connector Update

The general scope of work for this project includes:

Development of a preliminary schematic including pavement design.
Geotechnical study, environmental study and utility conflict analysis.
Right of Way acquisition. 

  • Project was submitted for potential CAMPO funding under recent project call. 
  • Funding was not approved, but project ranked well. Potential for funding to become available should other projects not utilize entire awarded funding. 
  • Preliminary schematic is complete
  • Geotechnical study and pavement design is complete
  • Environmental study is complete.
  • Property owner has provided City with Right of Entry.
  • RPS Supplement for Final Design is being finalized.

Drainage Projects 

Oxbow Drainage Improvement Project

The Oxbow Drainage Improvement project is moving along. Here is the latest update for Wednesday, Aug. 14: 

Patin Construction is moving along quite well and will be ready to initial walk through tomorrow afternoon.
- Channel is nearly complete - expect spoil haul off to complete today.
- Final grading is 50% and will finish tomorrow.
- The “seed-man” will come out Friday to plug grass seed through the construction area.
- over the next week, they will remove and replace all damaged ribbon curb along the roadway damaged by heavy equipment.

Oxbow Update - August 14, 2019

The general scope of work for this project includes:

  • Channel Improvements and culvert upgrades along main channel

Houston Street Drainage Project


  • Construction near complete
  • Union Pacific Railroad permit denied for N. Railroad Street Channel and Culvert  


Starting Now: Full closure and detour of Railroad Street at Rose Street. Construct culvert under Railroad Street.

Ongoing: Full closure and detour of Rose Street at Lilly Street remains in place ahead of final surface improvements and street repaving.

Ongoing: Full closure and detour of Houston Street for culvert work at Prairie Avenue. Construct culverts across intersection.

Complete: Construct open channel along vacant Lilly Street row.

Complete: Construction culvert along Rose Street.

Complete: Construction open channel along Pucket Alley

Project Area 1A
Fire Station/Bluff St. Diversion  

The general scope of work for this project includes:

  • Channel Improvements and culvert upgrades along W. Goforth and Union Pacific Railroad Track


  • 100% plans and specs under review by TDEM/FEMA for HMGP Grant
  • FM 2770 TxDOT AFA completion anticipated by September
  • Easement acquisition discussions with land owners ongoing
    Senior Citizens Center - complete
    Trudeau - negotiating
    Centex - negotiating
    Hays Co. ESD - will dedicate
  • AT&T relocation coordination ongoing, non-reimbursable
  • Advertise for bids dependent on TxDOT AFA and easements

Project Area 1B
West Goforth

The general scope of work for this project includes:

  • Channel Improvements and culvert upgrades along W. Goforth and Union Pacific Railroad Track


  • Union Pacific Railroad (UPR) permit coordination ongoing 
  • 100% plans, specs, and estimate near final approval - pending UPR revisions
  • Easement acquisition discussions with land owners ongoing
  • Utilities relocation coordination ongoing
  • FM 967 TxDOT AFA completion anticipated September
  • Wastewater lift station decommissioning estimate early Fall 2019
  • Advertise for bids dependent on UPR permit, TxDOT AFA, easements

Capital Improvement Projects

Wastewater Treatment Plant

The City of Buda Wastewater Treatment Plant has a current capacity of 1.75 million gallons per day and discharges into the Plum Creek watershed. Construction to double the plant's capacity to 3.5 million gallons per day will commence in 2019. The operation and maintenance of the plant is currently contracted out to the Guadalupe Blanco River Authority (GBRA). The wastewater treatment plant is an activated sludge plant with effluent chlorination. It utilizes aerobic sludge digestion with a dewatering press and the remaining solids are disposed of by hauling to a landfill.