City of Buda 2020 Legislative Agenda

The 87th session of the Texas Legislature will begin on January 12, 2021. While the legislative system in Texas inherently
makes passage of bills difficult, cities across Texas are still challenged with fending off legislation that can negatively impact a city’s ability to self-regulate and finance municipal operations such as public safety, maintenance of infrastructure, and provision of services requested by its citizens. During the 2019 session, of the over 7,500 bills introduced, approximately 2,000 of them would have impacted Texas cities. The City of Buda is a member of and works closely with the Texas Municipal League (TML) on legislative issues.

While the membership of TML adopts its own legislative agenda, the needs of Buda are sometimes unique from other cities. The priorities in the City of Buda’s legislative agenda were identified through input from City of Buda staff, discussion with the City’s legislative consultants and other professional organizations, and from input provided by the City Council. The creation of a legislative agenda develops a unified voice for Buda on the legislative needs of the City. It aids City staff and community leaders in identifying issues that are important to the community and the impact that legislation could have on Buda. The legislative items are not presented in priority order. The City Council may modify or amend its legislative agenda at any time to address items as they arise.

City of Buda 2020-2021 Legislative Priorities