Solicitor Permit Information

ACTIVE SOLICITOR PERMITS - Updated June 14,  2019


Solicitor's Permits Issued Valid for 90 days from issuance
Permit # Issued Expires Applicant
2019-114 4/26/2019 7/25/2019 Weed Man Lawn Care:  Anthony Evans (Main Contact), Getzael Tapia, Richard Romero, Matthew Schultz, Cody Creamer
2019-115 5/9/2019 8/7/2019 SmartHomes Pros/Vivint Inc. (Home Security Systems): Jenna Joyner (Main Contact), David Mitchum, Dustin Johns, Spencer Sadler, Isaac Gates, Jermario Webber, Justin Harris, John Beard, Chester Park, Jordan Vanlooven, Zachary Noack, Toghral Roshangar, Ehsonullah Sadiq, Ralph Joyner, Khalid Ibrahimi, Firdavis Said, Elijah Regulacion, Ausitn Evans, Gavin Jaques, Brandon Strommer, David Dendler, Alexander Mamara
 2019-116  5/9/2019  8/7/2019  Aptive Environmental (Pest Control): Josh Kokkola, Kenneth Gordon, Debie Horikami, Nate Gordon, Jake Vause, Michael Riggs, Cort Pease, Tyler Dopp, Porter Henderson, Heath Pacheco, Clayton Shaw, Spencer Reynolds, Stockton King, Alex Curtis, Brandon Roller, Dmitry Kimball
2019-117 06/13/2019 09/11/2019 Power Home Remodeling: Emiri Sadler (MAIN CONTACT), Nickolas Klika, Dylan Divine, Austin Neighbors, Ryan Castillo, Gabriela Zetune, Austin Hatzinger

It is unlawful for any peddler or solicitor to engage in business within the city without first obtaining a permit from the City Clerk. To report an unpermitted solicitor, contact the Buda Police Department at 512-393-7896. You may also report your concern by clicking here.  


The city will maintain a “no solicitation” list of those persons who wish to restrict solicitation on their property by canvassers, peddlers, and solicitors. The “no solicitation” list shall be a public document and a copy of the list shall be provided to each recipient of a permit to engage in solicitation.  Click here to obtain the form.

General Information

The practice of peddling/soliciting within the City Of Buda is governed by Article 14.02 of the City's Code of Ordinances. The text of the Code and the various forms and applications needed to obtain a solicitors permit are provided below. Please contact the City Clerk's Office if you have any questions or need further information.

Quick Reference: Application required. Cost for Permit is $250 for a 90-day permit.

Peddler/Solicitor Ordinance

Application for a Solicitors Permit - Individual

Application for a Solicitors Permit - Business/Group

Application to Amend Solicitors Permit