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Spay and Neuter Application

  1. City of Buda Texas Spay and Neuter Voucher Program

    Limit of three (3) vouchers per household. This program is not grant funded and funds are limited to first-come, first-serve. Must be a resident of the incorporated city limits of Buda. You must have a appointment scheduled with Emancipet before submitting a application for a voucher, these documents must be uploaded before submitting.

  2. Animal Owner Information
  3. Pet Information
  4. Please specify years or months
  5. Please specify years or months
  6. Upload Doccuments
  7. Please upload appointment verification from Emancipet, a screen shot of the email with the appointment date and time is acceptable.

  8. Please upload proof of residency, acceptable proof could be a utility bill or cable bill for the residential address.

  9. Please submit a picture of your drivers license.

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