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Bond Updates

Updates about the five propositions passed in the November 2014 election.

Sep 07

Municipal Complex Update - Sept. 7, 2017

Posted on September 7, 2017 at 2:14 PM by David Marino

“We are less than 60 days away from actually opening.”

Soon the Buda Police Department will have a new place to call home. The new Public Safety Building is scheduled to open in late October.       

 “The exterior finishes are finalizing on the exterior stucco. The standing seam metal roof, metal trim, exterior doors and hardware will be going in within the next week,” Project Manager Ray Creswell said. 

From the floors to the walls, the amount of progress on the building is evident.    

“About 95 percent of the walls have the first layer of paint and the hard ceilings are being painted.”


As for the rest of the  Municipal Building, work is moving along nicely.”  

 “Right now on the exterior we’re trying to finish up all the stone work. The standing seam roof won’t go up until after all masonry work is complete on the building.”

“The windows, the framing and glazing has been put in place on 95 percent of the windows. The main store front entry on the Main Street side of the building will be going in late this week.”   

There is still a lot of work to be done on the pedestrian bridge and the parking lot will be finished right before the City Hall and Library building opens.

In the meantime, the countdown is on for the doors to open at the Public Safety Building.   

“It really is exciting working with the police department and Chief Bo Kidd in regards to the final finishes and the security on the building itself. I’m really excited to see this part of the complex come together,” said Creswell.

You can watch the video version of this story hereMunicipal Complex Update Video - Sept. 7, 2017

Sep 06

Proposition 1 & 2 Updates - Sept. 5, 2017

Posted on September 6, 2017 at 3:56 PM by David Marino

Project Manager Ray Creswell presented an update on Proposition 1 and 2 during the Sept. 5, 2017 City council Meeting. 

You can also click on the link below if you would like to see the PDF version. 
City of Buda Prop 1 and 2 Update - Sept. 5, 2017

Proposition 1 & 2 – Site Development

• As of September 5, 2017
• Work in Progress:
• 1. Underground Utilities: 100% Complete –
• Power: Transformer has been set, PEC connection complete, CH/L building is pending completion of the main electrical panels.
• Drainage: 100% complete. Pedestrian Bridge 60% complete
• Domestic Water and Sanitary Sewer: 100% complete.
• Fire Systems : Site Fire Hydrants complete and active.
• 2. Drainage Channel: Stone walls and bed100% complete. Apron at the east end of culverts steel set, concrete pour pending. Landscaping along channel pending completion of the building.
• 3. Parking lots: Curb and gutters 100% complete for PSB, 85% complete for CH/L, main drive through the site 100% complete. Irrigation sleeves installed at islands.
• 4. Landscaping: Final grade and start of landscaping pending towards end of exterior work.
• 5. Heritage Tree: Weekly feeding and watering of the tree continues. According to the Arborist, the tree is progressing and re-establishing as expected. Latest report received August 20, 2017.

Proposition 1 - City Hall / Library:
• As of September 5, 2017
• Work Completed to date:
• 1. Exterior: Waterproofing 75%, Stone 60% complete.
• 2. Interior Wall Framing: Area A (Library) 85% / Area B (Public) 95% / Area C 95%.
Installation of drywall on one side has started – 10% Complete. Elevator shaft and
hardware installed 75%.
• 3. Glass and Glazing: Installation of window frames – 75% complete. Glazing for Area C
is 70% complete.
• 4. OH MEP Rough-in: Installation of the OH and in-wall MEP rough-in 60% complete.
All Roof top units installed. Mechanical duct work 85% complete.
• 5. Polished Concrete: Polished concrete for area B (Public Space) is 100% complete.
First stage of grinding 100% complete. Final finish polishing – 60% complete. 

Proposition 2 – Public Safety Building:
• As of week September 5, 2017
• Work In Progress:
• 1. Site Work: Curb and Gutter – 95% complete / PSB Garage Slab 100% Complete
• 2. Exterior Wall Finishes: Stone 100% / Stucco 45%.
• 3. Interior Wall Framing and Ceilings: Framing, Drywall and Hard Ceilings 100% /
Finishes 35%
• 4. Interior Finishes: Polished Concrete 100% / Floor & Wall Tile 85%. / Paint 1st coat 70% /
Hard Ceilings installed, Door frames complete / Lay-in Ceiling frames installed
• 5. Glass and Glazing: All window frame installation 100% framing is complete, glass
installation is 90% complete.
• 6. Roofing: TPO roof is 100% complete, standing seam roofing 35%
• 7. MEP: MEP Complete, Roof top units installed and operating. Final trim pending
• 8. Fire Protection System: Complete
• 9. Polished Concrete: Complete

Aug 17

Buda Fire Department Tours Municipal Complex - Aug. 16, 2017

Posted on August 17, 2017 at 12:24 PM by David Marino

The Buda Fire Department is getting an early start on learning the layout of the Municipal Complex. Firefighters are touring both buildings this week.

Chase Koory is the Job Site Superintendent for JE Dunn, the City’s general contractor. At the fire inspector’s request, Koory is giving tours to all of the firefighters with the Buda Fire Department.    

“Generally during construction the fire marshal or a dedicated inspector is the only individual with the fire department to visit the facility before turning it over to the owner. In this case they want to bring their entire shift out to get a lay of the land before we open for business," said Koory.  

“They are mainly here to look at what they need to watch for once the building is occupied. They are looking at their means of access and egress in case of an emergency."

The new Public Safety and Municipal Buildings sit on nine-and-a-half acres and that’s a lot of ground cover…

"It's a great idea to involve as many of the government entities as you can that are involved in your project," said Koory. 

The new Public Safety and Municipal Buildings sit on 9 and a half acres and that’s a lot of ground cover…

“Both buildings have wet fire sprinkler systems. Those have to be accessible and the fire department needs to know where the main valves and fire department connections are for those in both buildings.”

For Koory and his crew, safety and preparedness go hand in hand.      

“It’s great to have the involvement of City staff, the police department, and fire department this early on in the game. It’s very helpful with the construction phase.”    

Construction on both buildings is on schedule. The Public Safety Building is expected to open in October of this year and the new City Hall and Library will open in April of 2018.          

You can watch the video version of this story here: Buda Fire Department Tours Municipal Complex