Arts Commission

Purpose                                                        Apply

The board shall serve in an advisory capacity to the mayor and city council and shall have the following purposes and duties, as well as other duties as assigned by the city council, as necessary to perform the business of the board: 

(1)    Advising the Buda City Council and the Destination Services Department on matters related to arts and arts programming policy. 

(2)    Developing strategic plans and establishing goals and priorities for the Buda City Council regarding the arts, arts programming, and establishment of cultural arts districts, including assisting with annual reports. 

(3)    Monitoring expenditures of program funds and assessing the effectiveness of the program. 

(4)    Formulating proposed budgets for the program and making recommendations to the City Manager and City Council on the budgets. 

(5)    Building support for the program. 

(6)    Reviewing and approving designs for incentive programs and grants. 

(7)    Fundraising for public art, art programming, or for special projects organized through the City of Buda, including identifying and utilizing local, state, federal and private sources including grants and contributions. 

(8)    Sponsoring public forums on public arts and art programming issues. 

(9)    Developing criteria needed for the commission’s activities. 

(10)    To perform such other duties as may be assigned by the city council from time to time. 

(11)    At the request of the city council, the commission shall prepare an annual work plan, make a complete annual report and other required reports to the city council. 

BOARD MEMBERS - TBD      Agenda/Minutes        Code of Ordinance

For additional information, contact Lysa Gonzalez, Destination Services Director, 512-312-0084.