Still Budaful Stimulus Grant - It's back starting October 9!

Buda water tower with text of the image that say its back the still budaful stimulus grant

Still Budaful Stimulus Grant Overview:

On May 11, 2020, the Buda EDC Board of Directors awarded additional funds not to exceed $250,000 to launch a Still Budaful Stimulus 2.0 Program. The 2.0 Program expands on the vision of the Still Budaful Stimulus Program and broadens the eligibility criteria to accommodate more Buda businesses.  The 2.0 Program will be administered by the Small Business Task Force.

Eligibility Criteria:

Businesses wishing to apply for the 2.0 grant must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be a registered business with the Secretary of State and be in good standing (If a sole proprietor, registration with the SOS is not required); and
  • Must be located within the City Limits of Buda; and
  • Must have fewer than 50 employees; and
  • Must show a hardship; and
  • Be in compliance with all City of Buda ordinances; and
  • Be in good standing and not indebted to the City of Buda; and
  • Be willing to provide follow up documents as requested

To expand on the goal of assisting businesses who have been negatively affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Still Budaful Stimulus 2.0 Program Re-Open has removed the following from the original Still Budaful 2.0 Grant: 1) must have a minimum or two employees; 2) show loss of revenue of 25% or greater.

All businesses who received grants in the Still Budaful 1.0 and 2.0 programs are eligible to apply for the third round of grants; however, the maximum amount any single business may be awarded for all rounds is a combined total of $10,000. No business will receive more than this maximum amount for the Still Budaful Stimulus Grants.

Eligible Expenses:

  • Rent/Mortgage
  • Employee support (salaries, insurance, paid leave, etc.)
  • Utilities (electricity, phone/internet, etc.)
  • Purchase of supplies to offer alternative business access (curbside pickup, delivery, shipping)
  • Purchase of COVID-19 supplies for business/customer protection/cleaning
  • Additional expenses as a result of increased cost from suppliers or alternate suppliers
  • Other business needs as approved by the Small Business Task Force 


Applications will be accepted from October 9, 2020 through 5 p.m. on October 23, 2020. All applications will be reviewed for eligibility determination. The week of October 26, 2020, all applicants will be considered simultaneously, notified of the award status and sent documents to complete.

STEP ONE: Please fill out the application online and not via mail as the application may not be received in time to be considered. *Any application received after the closing date will not be considered. Fill out EVERY QUESTION in the application. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Answers such as “N/A” and the number or dollar value of zero (“0”) are acceptable responses if those questions do not apply to your business. You will receive an automatic reply after submitting your online application. Although not being requested at this time, you will need back-up documentation to support each numerical answer provided. For those who are submitting more than one business, an application for each business must be completed. 

STEP TWO: Upon completion of the application, you will get a message to say your application has been received. FIRST TIME APPLICANTS will be required to complete a set of new vendor forms. These forms are necessary for the City of Buda to process your grant payment either by check or direct deposit. Please return these fully executed forms within 1-2 days of receipt. RETURNING APPLICANTS will be processed through the same vendor request forms provided previously, so there is no need to return another set of forms.

STEP THREE: The Task Force will meet to discuss and vote on the grant awards the week of October 26, 2020. You will be asked to sign a performance agreement that will be emailed to you upon grant award by the Task Force. For RETURNING APPLICANTS, we will add the amount awarded from prior award(s) for the total amount of the award. Upon approval by the Task Force and the issuance of your grant award, your final amount and executed performance agreement will be emailed to you for your record

DISCLAIMER: Relief grants are not guaranteed. All relief grant distributions and programs must be approved by the Small Business Task Force before being issued. The City of Buda, BEDC or Small Business Task Force does not provide any tax or legal advice as to whether applying for and receiving relief funds affects any other grants or federal and state COVID-19 relief funds.


In response to COVID-19 (Coronavirus), the Buda City Council authorized the Still Budaful Stimulus Program to assist businesses negatively affected by the pandemic. The Still Budaful Stimulus is a local economic development program authorized under Chapter 380 of the Texas Local Government Code to help reduce the resulting economic strain on local businesses. On March 20, Buda City Council declared a local state of disaster. As a result, the pandemic caused closures and limitations on local businesses in Buda. At that same meeting, Council appointed a Small Business Task Force to research ways to assist businesses during this time of need.

On April 6, 2020, the Buda Economic Development Corporation (Buda EDC) Board of Directors approved an Agreement for Funding of the Still Budaful Stimulus Program. On April 7, 2020, the Buda City Council also committed funds to this program. The total contributions between the City of Buda and Buda EDC amount to $380,000. The first round of grants totaled $332,500 and went to 74 businesses.

The Small Business Task Force:

Buda City Council Member Evan Ture; City of Buda City Manager Kenneth Williams; City of Buda Assistant City Manager Lauren Middleton-Pratt; Buda EDC Board President Jennifer Storm; Buda EDC Executive Director Traci Anderson; Buda Area Chamber of Commerce Executive Director J.R. Gonzales; City of Buda Director of Tourism Lysa Gonzalez; City of Buda Main Street Program Manager Maggie Gillespie; City of Buda Finance Director June Ellis; and City of Buda City Attorney George Hyde for legal compliance only.