The Process

How the City of Buda developed its Bond Package

In early 2014, the Buda City Council went through a public process to hire a planning team with experience in high growth communities and experience in both project cost estimating and public involvement, to help a citizen-led committee assess growth options for the City of Buda. 

The City selected the team of Gap Strategies / ECM International to lead the planning effort. The team had five staff members who worked regularly on the project, as well as six City staff members who provided additional support and information when requested, and served as a liaison committee with the City. Consultants from the subject-area planning efforts (Drainage Plan, Downtown Plan, Facilities Plan) also contributed time and valuable data, as did the City’s independent bond counsel, and the City’s independent financial advisor.

The Buda Bond Advisory Committee (BBAC) was appointed by the Buda City Council, shortly after the selection of Gap Strategies and specifically tasked with assessing whether a bond election for Buda would be warranted, and, if so, what types of projects should be addressed and what size the bond package should be.

The 12 Buda City Council-appointed members of the Buda Bond Advisory Committee:

  • Sue Bellows
  • Nancy Brinkley
  • Freddy Cantu
  • Diane Falcon
  • Wayne Harned
  • Bob Killam
  • Vincent Lecca
  • Beth Martinez
  • Tommy Poer
  • Josue Sanchez
  • Wendy Scott
  • Colin Strother
The citizen-led Buda Bond Advisory Committee (BBAC) spent more than four months engaging with the public, studying and analyzing existing plans and capital improvement needs of the City. 

But the work for the bond dates back more than a few months ago. In 2011, the City began working on its Comprehensive Plan, in 2012 its Parks and Recreation Plan and Library Plan, which helped shape many BBAC discussions. 

Other plans that were reviewed and contributed to the BBAC discussions include: 
Comprehensive Plan (Developed 2011)
Parks and Recreation Plan (Developed 2012)
Library Long Range Plan (Developed 2012)
Transportation Plan (Developed 2013)
Downtown Master Plan, draft
Drainage Plan (Developed 2014)
Facilities Plan (Developed 2014)
The work of the BBAC was an extension of dozens of volunteers, and hundreds more citizens who participated in the earlier planning efforts that developed the initial goals and projects from which the BBAC sifted through:
54 Buda Citizens served on the special committees that developed the City plans used to develop the bond propositions.
The City received 1,565 survey responses that helped inform the initial subject area; plus, an additional (approximately) 301 surveys were received as part of the BBAC direct efforts.
At least 13 City of Buda staff members were directly involved in various planning stages, including serving on the building/facilities committee.
At least 49 public meetings – including stakeholder groups, town hall meetings, and public hearings at Buda City Council – were used to develop the various plans that the BBAC used as its basis for developing its bond recommendations. Hundreds of citizens participated in those combined meetings.

After months of study and analysis, on June 25, 2014 with 10 of 12 BBAC members present, the committee agreed unanimously to forward a report to Buda City Council to culminate its efforts. 

In its report, the Buda Bond Advisory Committee recommended the Buda City Council call a bond election for November 2014, to give voters in the City of Buda the opportunity to decide on several long-range capital improvements for the City of Buda.

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