Proposition 2 - Public Safety Building

The Public Safety Building, at 14,420 interior square feet, will be located northeast of the City Hall & Library and will provide a new home for the Buda Police Department. The building will provide easy access at a prominent main entry and a gated enclosure for secure officer parking. The secure yet welcoming reception area will provide for public interactions with the Department, and a community meeting room for public meetings and interdepartmental training. Showers and locker rooms will support the BPD's hard-working officers and staff. For quick responses to community needs, the Public Safety Building parking will have two egress routes leading to Main Street. The City and BPD staff have been involved in every step of the design process, helping to tailor the architectural design to fit the multitude of specific needs of the Department and creating a space with which BPD will serve its citizens. 

Public Safety Building (Left Click for Larger Image)