Parks & Recreation



The eleven dedicated members of the City of Buda Parks Department oversee and maintain 12 different parks facilities on behalf of the Citizens of Buda, in addition to coordinating numerous community events and celebrations every year. For a complete listing of City parks facilities, their amenities, and locations, please see the list below or click on the Parks & Facilities menu at left.

Park Address City/State/Zip
Bonita Vista Park 309 Bonita Vista Buda, TX 78610
Bradfield Village Park 140 Crescent Drive Buda, TX 78610
City Park 204 San Antonio Buda, TX 78610
Cullen Country 211 Cullen Boulevard Buda, TX 78610
Downtown Greenbelt 319 Main Street Buda, TX 78610
Garlic Creek Park 1195 Heep Run Buda, TX 78610
Jackson Tyler Norris
Memorial Skate Park
480 S. Loop Buda, TX 78610
Green Meadows Park 2357 Green Meadows Lane Buda, TX 78610
Sportsplex 310 Buda Sportsplex Drive Buda, TX 78610
Stagecoach Park 880 Main Street Buda, TX 78610
Stoneridge Park 1131 Stone Rim Loop Buda, TX 78610
Whispering Hollow Park 1160 Old Black Colony Rd Buda, TX 78610
Summer Pointe Park
1026 Old Black Colony Rd Buda, TX 78610
Garison Park   711 Garison Rd Buda, TX 78610